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The Breeze programs are developed through the collaboration of experts in their fields, to enable you to breathe, nourish and reconnect through Meditation, Tantra, Yoga, Pranayama, Life & Team Coaching and Holistic Philosophy.

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These are the three main principles of our retreats

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We focus on learning how to breathe properly through Pranayama breathing meditation techniques & practice, creating new meaning for life that fills with the breath. Our breath’s bioenergy of our body and we can learn how to control it. Creating new meaning for life that fills with breath and achieves a healthy body and mind.

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We believe that our body is a reflection of what we eat and drink. Our breakthrough programs will bring the awakening and inspire the new way of thinking and living; with nutritious based principles of Ayurveda, Pranayama, and healthy vegan food complimenting exercise and meditation.

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Our methods allow you to become complete with your body, mind, and soul in total control of your sexuality and inner awakening. Our programs are unique and original to enlighten you and to create a distinction between yourself image, your consequences, and your body.

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Our Ethos

A breakthrough method of balancing your Well-being

Our approach is to help our clients to find the balance between the seven energies of life.

Sleep Energy

Focus on sleep quality and quantity for discovering how to optimize both expect of sleep to wake up and to feel rejuvenated.

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Nutrition Energy

How a balanced diet and healthy eating habits can help your mental, emotional, physical & sexual health.

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Exercise Energy

Exercising yoga and tantra meditation is an integral part of your lifestyle – discover the right combination for you.

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Time Energy

Time is limited energy; learn how to accomplish more with less effort and stress. Also, learn how to leverage your time.

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Communication Skills Energy

Through tantra, breathing, and listening skills; you can enhance your intimate, personal, and business relationships.

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Hobbies and Leisure Energy

Hobbies are a great stress reliever that offers a new experience, challenges, and allows us to explore ourselves and our talents.

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Money Energy

Money represents a form of energy, and it’s always important to be in abundance and peace without guilt and distress in our relationship with money.

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Our Team

With decades of experience in wellness, we have collaborated to develop the ultimate method to deal with balancing your relationship with your body.

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