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Focus the real situation not the problem

If you only focus on the problem, you won't be able to see the solution But do the problems exist? If we look at every problem as an infinite possibility of learning, we will turn any situation to the total release of the patterns that create them, but how boring life would be when we achieve stability in every aspect.

What would be life without challenges and challenges, without what generates our movement to take action, we are not dead, do not stay in the mold, break it and explain even more of your stupid limitations. Having a "problem" is not a problem; it's a challenge; a challenge is a game and if you start to observe these situations that seem unpleasant or tragic without uncertainty you are ready to be the great winner.

The only thing that prevents us from enjoying them like In a game and seeing them as a tragedy is fear. Wide your horizon, look, and see more there to release fears and face every challenge with intelligence guile and determination. Embrace of magnetic and magnificent people, of those who can face your most hidden ghosts and fears to be the great alchemist of your life, the engineer of your dreams, the architect of your demonstrations. Let's shine and shine the gift and wisdom of allowing you to enjoy all your work!


Alexa Kathe