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The joy that present

There is no right or wrong person because wherever you put your heart is right for you. But still, this does not determine the quality of your life, not even the house where you live, nor the clothes you use, nor the car you drive determines the quality of your life. The present joy is the one that determines your quality of life.


One sets financial goals to obtain a quality of life that then you don't get it because that quality of life is determined by your current state and for the time that your joy lasts. When you realize that your financial state does not determine your quality of life, you trace a goal that is to seek peace, you just want peace, calm, and stillness, in a level of zero emotions, an unalterable state.


This won't give you the quality of life either, it will come a moment that will be so where do I find the quality of life? Live today! Doing what you want, with whom you want, as long as you want. This will give you permanent joy. Enjoy everything that does not make you suffer, of everything that does not hurt you, and of all that that only gives you joys and will increase your happy moments.