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Time Management – The source of everything – planning

Planning gives us freedom. The more we plan, the more time we make to create and do things. It sounds paradoxical, but the greatest freedom is planning.

The recommendation for effective planning is to carry it out consistently, every day, week, and month. My experience with people and planning, is they conduct tasks according to their plan temporarily, before diving back into regular life and business patterns.

To create clarity and ease, we need to design a plan for our time. We have to separate tasks that are ephemeral and unpredictable from routine and frequent tasks. To do so, create a log using a notebook or calendar. Every morning or every evening, we have to enter our time in a creative, flexible, and targeted manner whilst prioritizing our tasks. When we purposely prioritize our tasks like this, we create visual comfort of our tasks and we can start to produce and execute them more effectively (No unnecessary pressure, we don’t have to put out fires, no need for last-minute improvisation …) “.

The table (provided below) is one tool among many, and you are welcome to use it and update it for your convenience and needs. Writing is a huge observation therapy and unlocks all the thoughts and conversations that exist in our heads. When we write to them on a page, we can relax, observe, focus, and choose to change something we have not seen before. There is no need to write a book but spend a few minutes writing to create clarity. This will save valuable time later in the day and week.

Open the day in recognition and wish for something positive to happen to you. Welcome any tasks, rather than see them as restricting. Begin by greeting the new day, and see positive experiences for yourself.

‘’I wish to be calm and focus at my work interview (for example) …I wish to have fun on the date I’m attending tonight (for example) …

Opening the Day
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
What do I wish for myself today?              
The two most important things I can do in my business/work
today and have the greatest positive impact?
How can I maximize my time in the best way?              
What is most important now?              
What is the most right and true for me now?              

At the End of the day, we want to look back at what took place with acceptance and respect ourselves without judging. We want to bring more compassion to and realize who we were. Another goal for the end of the day is to clear the mind and generate new ideas for the following day.

The feeling with which we will wake up the next day will be more lighthearted, relaxed, and welcoming. Through the same principle, we end the day by writing for a few minutes in the office or at home later (no rules here – the game is relaxed).

You should start by looking at tasks and answer: “What can I do today?”

Also in both personal and material ways: ”I can have a quiet day after arranging the folders in the office”.

What am I grateful for? ”I am grateful to myself, my company, and partners that we have created a business where a conversation is pleasant and fluent when the subject is challenging and troubling”

How has this day contributed to the quality of my life? Again, refer to the feelings you have at the end of the day. ”I was able to do more sports, that makes me feel good, or“I improved the relationship between the employees – I have a great sense of satisfaction, or “this day gave me comfort, I learned to listen to others better than usual,”

Answer the question: What is still incomplete? How was my behavior? My reactions? My results?

Not from a place of judgment and self-criticism, but as a landmark that can be learned from for further developments, ask yourself – What did I learn today? – It is the question to conclude with and the time to ask yourself, how I can change things to make better choices or take better action? This is the time to review what new tasks occurred during the day.

Look at the following and decide new courses of action you are willing to take. The more you carry out this process at the beginning and end of the day in a relaxed environment, the more effective the process will be for you.

Completion of the Day
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
What have I been gifted today?              
What am I grateful for?              
What the day contributed to my wellbeing today?              
What is not yet complete? (Who I was in the process/results/relations)              
What did I learn today? (How I can change things Differently/Better)              

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