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spiritual retreats for women


In Breeze Retreats we believe in the holistic approach which holds; if a particular area around our body, the other components of the body and the environment will equally be affected by the change that has occurred and will change as part of the whole since there is a mutual connection between the different parts.

A holistic approach starts; when we can identify an obstacle, then take a step back to understand the whole situation and manage and heal the roots of the symptoms or conflicts.

Our methods allow you to become complete with your body, mind, and soul for complete control of your sexuality and inner awakening. Our programs are unique and initial to enlighten you and to create a distinction for your self-image, your consciences, and your body. Our mission is to assist you on the journey to optimal health. You will experience a state of wellness that you might barely believe is possible, but it can be completed through our holistic retreats.

Body Mind Holistic Programmes: