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Life Coaching Therapy for Personal and Team Development program

Understand your relationship with your body, take steps to improve yourself image, Bring integrity and wellness to your relationships. Develop interpersonal communication and listening skills and gain confidence in your environment. Identify destructive feelings and overcome them with motivational counseling and life coaching to inspire and empower you, helping you with your choices and activities. We use films, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) methods, and breaking through life questions to encourage you to examine your approach to the food you intake, how you feel about food, and understand the relationship you have with your body.
You are the producer, director, and editor of your life – you remain the leading actor.

How does it work?

We start with introductions and establishing your objectives in life and where you feel you fall short of these objectives
Together we will start exposing areas you require to work on by exploring the 7 energies of life
We start to choose and coach on each energy of life relevant to your objectives in life
Your therapy happens as you become aware of where you are in relation to your objectives and become content in your being
The measure of a successful sequence is when the transformation causes you to take action
Through this sequence, you will transform your outlook towards your reality and optimize your performance

We will assist you to focus your effort and the results will come by themselves.

Our personal mentor accompanies and assists you through this exclusive mentoring approach. During the process, we'll observe together with the reality of your life. We will develop your awareness of your issues and lead you to take actions that optimize your performance.

Our life and team coaching retreat programs support us to imagine how we could achieve deeper fulfillment in our life. We find and coach for any desirable part of our life - communication and listening, relationships, career, time, money, serenity, life quality and leisure, spirituality, etc.

Listening is everything you require for true relationships - Coaching & Team Training for Relations and Interpersonal Communication

Distinguish between hearing and listening.
Upgrade interpersonal communication effectively, in life and business.
Purchase skills by asking questions (and leave assumptions aside).
Establish an innovative way of observation on discussions and interactions.
Manage practical tools - techniques and personal/business listening stages.

During a process of life coaching and team coaching you will gain a proper understanding of yourself; being responsible for creating your life according to your values of quality and power, and that any moment is a new opportunity and you can create a modern universe in them.
Remember: You are the producer, the director and editor of your life – you remain the leading actor.