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Term Conditions


1. Contact

Your contract is with Breeze Retreats, company number 12034642 referred to as “we”, “our” or “us” in this contract. A binding contract is only entered into when we issue a confirmation invoice. By contacting us, to make a booking, you accept that you have the authority to bind all members of your party to these terms and conditions. It is essential that you check the travel details on the confirmation invoice and inform us immediately of any errors.

2. Payment for your retreat

A deposit of 50% of the total retreat price is required at the time of booking. We reserve the right to vary the deposit as appropriate. The balance is due 12 weeks prior to departure. If the booking is made less than 12 weeks before departure, the full amount is due on booking. If any balance remains unpaid we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled and apply the cancellation charge set out below. Final retreat details will usually be sent out approximately 4 weeks before the event.

Payment must be in the currency of the invoice and you are responsible for bank charges. If you choose to pay the balance of your holiday by credit card or debit card we reserve the right to pass on any charges that we incur in the processing of the payment. No charge is levied for payment by BACS or cheque.

3. Information regarding the retreats

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the information in our website and elsewhere is as accurate as possible, details are often published many months before your retreat takes place. We reserve the right to make changes to the website and elsewhere and any information they contain. You will be informed of any material changes before booking. Breeze Retreats is only responsible for information contained within our own publications and websites. We are specifically not responsible for third party information contained in any other brochures or websites.s

4. Amendments or Cancellation to your holiday by you.

i. Amendments

We will do our best to assist you in altering your arrangements after booking but cannot guarantee this will be possible. If alterations can be made you will be responsible for all extra charges and costs and we reserve the right to charge a £25 administration fee per person plus any applicable charges levied by our suppliers. We also reserve the right to treat any amendment less than twelve weeks prior to departure as a cancellation and apply the cancelation charges set out below.

ii. Cancelations

All cancelations must be made in writing by the person who made the booking and are effective on the day we receive it. As we incur substantial costs and losses on a cancellation, we will apply the following cancelation charges:

Please refer to our cancelations page for further information.

Cancelation of any sessions 24 hours before session will receive a full refund. Any session cancelled less than 24 hours before session will be non-refundable.

5. Amendments of cancelations by us

i. Amendments

It is occasionally necessary for us to make changes to the advertised products and services and we reserve the right to make such changes. In exceptional circumstances we may have to modify your retreat after booking. If the change is minor we will do our best to notify you in advance but are not obliged to do so and no compensation is payable. If the change is material (for example, change of destination or to a lower standard of accommodation), we will notify you as soon as practically possible and offer you the choice of (i) accepting the alternative arrangements or (ii) arranging an alternative holiday with us or (iii) canceling your retreat. Whichever option you choose we will pay you compensation unless the change has been caused by force majeure or low bookings as defined below if you have paid the balance in full. In the event that only a deposit or partial payment has been made, no compensation will be available.

Days before departure Compensation per person
43 Nil
42-29 £30
28-15 £20
14-0 £10

ii. Changes during the retreat

If we are unable to provide a significant proportion of your retreat whilst you are away, suitable alternative arrangements will be made for you at no extra cost.

iii. Cancelation by us

Whilst we hope we will never have to cancel your retreat this does very occasionally happen and we reserve the right to do so. Should it be necessary to cancel your retreat we will provide a full and prompt refund. We cannot be held responsible for travel arrangements booked with third parties.

iv. Force Majeure

Compensation will not be payable in any cases where an amendment, change or cancellation is due to “force majeure”, being unusual or unforeseeable events or circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which neither we nor our suppliers could avoid. These include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, riot, civil disturbance or strife, terrorist activity (actual or threatened), industrial disputes, technical or maintenance problems with transport, machinery or equipment, power failure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, drought, adverse weather conditions, levels of water in rivers, acts of God, closure of airports, changes of schedules or operational decisions of transport providers.

v. Duty of care

Reserve the right to cancel a retreat on the grounds of duty of care. In the event of such cancelations being necessary we will notify you in writing or other electronic means. Such cancelations will be made at our discretion. A full refund of any monies paid will be made.

6. Prices

All prices advertised or quoted are per person in Euros unless otherwise shown and are subject to change, up or down, until the booking is concluded.

7. Exclusion of liabilities

We take care to ensure that all involved in the preparation and supply of your retreat maintain the highest standards. Accordingly:

i. We will pay reasonable compensation if the product supplied to you is not of the standard described or contracted for by you. This compensation will be limited to no more than the retreat price of the person affected.

ii. Our liability to you does not apply if you or any member of your party is at fault; if the failure is the fault of someone else not connected with providing the services which form part of our retreat contract with you; the failure is due to any unusual or unexpected circumstances beyond our control, which we could not have avoided even if we had used all care possible or the failure is due to any event which we or the supplier of any service could not help, expect or prevent.

iii. It is your responsibility to use security deposit boxes at the venue for all valuable items. Such items include, but are not limited to: Passports, Visas, travel documentation, money, credit and debit cards, jewelry and electronic goods. We accept no liability for loss or damage to such items, whilst attending the retreat.

8. Complaints

If you have any complaints about the venue during the retreat please liaise with the on site Breeze Retreats team. Any unresolved complaints must be notified to us in writing within 30 days of your return.

9. Passports, Visas and Vacinations

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all necessary passports and visas to attend the country in which the retreat is being held.

10. Travel Insurance

Your retreat with us does NOT include travel insurance and it is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate insurance cover. Such insurance should ideally be valid from the date of booking, be valid throughout the retreat duration and financially cover any probable loss through cancellation, amendment, accident or health related problems.

11. Special Requests

Whilst we will endeavour to comply with any special requests such as diets and room requirements, we can only do so on a “goodwill” basis.
Such requests are usually provided at the discretion of the relevant supplier, thus we cannot guarantee availability and cannot be held responsible if they are not provided.

12. Jurisdiction

This contract is governed by English Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

13. Data Protection Policy

In order for us to process your booking we need to store and record your information, including data as supplied. For further information, refer to our privacy policy.

14. Travel arrangement

We do not arrange flights or travel for any of our retreats.
It is your responsibility to make necessary travel arrangements and if required, confirm your flight times with your airline before your outward and return journey.

15. Booking

Your retreat booking will be confirmed upon receipt of:
1) Payment of a deposit – in the event that your booking is received more than 12 weeks prior before the commencement date of the retreat.
2) Receipt of full balance – in the event that your booking is received 12 weeks or less prior to the commencement date of the retreat.

In the event of only a deposit payment, your retreat booking should be considered provisional until the full balance of the retreat has been paid and we have received your completed booking form. For further details regarding payment, refer to 2. Payment for your holiday

16. Changes to the terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice.