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Weight Loss With Nirahara Samyama

Our special weight loss program can be on its own or within our detox retreats. Nirahara Samyama means exploring and discovering our body's possible without including any external input like food or water. The purpose of the Samyama is to awaken our own natural intelligence of making food out of natural resources like sun rays, air, and the prana which is directly available to us from the space. Every extraordinary capability and possibility is inside our bio memory. When our bio memory is awakened, we don't require a will. We just like that feel extremely energetic and highly feeling excited. Primarily we get liberated from many patterns that got created with food. Every human being associates his fears, greed, attention need, and the idea of love with food. All patterns associated with love and attention need is connected with food. Food is a very emotional zone. Now when we are liberated by the master from food and patterns created by food, the first thing that will happen is the unnecessary emotions and sentiments associated with food will break. So the reasonless excitement, kind of subtle joy will be constantly happening in our system.

Rest assured this is not another weight loss program or detox gimmick. You will get practical mental tools to ease and deal with your Appetite; your eating habits, relate your being to the times you wish to eat and drink, and to feel content with it.

Ayurvedic knowledge originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is often called the “Mother of All Healing.” The principles of Ayurveda allow us to see the world through modern eyes – eyes that notice the effect of foods, lifestyle, the environment, and thoughts on our bodies and health. Our chef will support you understand these principles by what nutrition you put in your body, through the program based on a selection of Ayurvedic fruits, vegetables, legumes, and beyond into your everyday routines.

Nirahara Samyana our vedic plan to lose weight. Is an integral program not only for lose weight for short time, is a change in you mental pattern about food. Is an ancient and military method that we back from the pass to you can find the harmony with your body mind and soul. Is not only plan of food it include yoga, meditation and daily assistance. A simple detox can be 7 days for deflate a body a calm a mind. 14 days to starting change a mental pattern 21 day you will get a new concept of foo in your system.


 Morning yoga
 Video meeting about food if the day
 Afternoon meditation
 Talking about the day


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